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Does your home’s interior seem drab or uninspiring? If coming home each day doesn't lift your spirits, it's probably time to revitalize your interior living space with a home interior design from Jeannette Hubley. As Palm Beach’s leading interior designer, she can see beyond the boundaries of basic form and function, and create a beautiful space that feels inviting, revitalizing, and truly exquisite. 

"I don’t know what my budget should be"

“I know what I like, but I can’t pull it all together”

“I want an open floor plan and I don’t know how”

“I’m moving to Palm Beach and I need help getting my home ready”

Your Home Matters

Let us help you Fall in Love with your Palm Beach Home!

Whether it is a lack of confidence, or difficulty in pulling it together or just too overwhelming a task, HDI has the ability to listen, to translate your information into beautiful designs, and create unique and fabulous environments.

Jeanette Hubley is an artisan of interior design and remodeling in the Palm Beach area. She leaps past the fundamental concepts of design and interior decorating, with a discerning eye for the minute detail and intricate nuances that will create spaces to match your personal flair and taste. Whether you want to remodel your home’s interior or renovate the lobby of your office, Hubley Design Interiors embraces each project with an intent to create interior spaces that exude identities all their own―spaces that become an extension of your personality, or the image you want your space to convey. For our interior designer in Palm Beach, it’s  all about using the initial concept and project planning as a blank canvas for the brush strokes of each new idea that will create your perfect living space.

light and airy open concept kitchen to living space

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“We have used Hubley Design interiors for many years encompassing renovations to both our main residence as well as our beach house. They are an absolute pleasure to work with! They really understood the style we were going for on both projects, both of which came out really beautiful! They have a lot of experience and really know where to obtain the perfect items for each project. They are very detail oriented, work in a timely manner, and make sure everything ends up perfect! I hope to have another project in the future where i can use them again! I highly recommend them!”


When you chose Hubley Design Interiors to design your Boca Raton residence, you’ll get a dedicated, experienced, passionate, and tireless Team to bring your design inspirations to fruition.

No Detail Overlooked

With hands-on attention to detail, Jeanette will manage your project from start to finish no matter the scope of the project. From new cabinet installation and new rugs to lamps and light fixtures and the finer touches of the accessories that will give your space a personal touch, her idea is to create a comfortable space that you will enjoy living in.

About Jeanette Hubley

Palm Beach Interior Designer

My passions drive my Designs

-- Art, Travel, Fashion, Color, Nature -- 

I approach every project with sensitivity to the architecture of each space. I utilize scale and function to create highly effective and welcoming solutions.  My team and I are committed to making the Design Process as easy and enjoyable as possible….we love to make our clients happy! No matter what the project scope is, we approach each one with the same energy and exuberance. 

Thoughtful Use of Space

From Palm Beach to New York City, Jeanette Hubley has created a multitude of interior spaces of aesthetic grace and artistic expression. Based in Palm Beach, she is an interior designer that can transform your home into a personal reflection of you. Call Hubley Design Interiors and embark upon the creative adventure of revitalizing your living spaces. Contact our interior design team today in Palm Beach to discuss your interior decorating and remodeling needs, or shop our online store now!

“Jeanette and her team were instrumental in the redesign of my home which included design, coordinating and managing construction teams, color schemes, product selections (tiles, fixtures, lighting, furniture and textiles) and procurement. She was very organized and took control. Highly recommend - I couldn't have done it without them”

-Greg Rispler

It would be my pleasure and honor to work with you -- to be a part of the process by guiding you toward the end result... a stunning home!

- Jeanette -

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