About Jeanette - a premier Interior Decorator in the Palm Beach area.

With experience designing homes from New York City to Palm Beach, Florida, Interior Decorator Jeanette Hubley is sought after for her talents in creating exciting, stylish interiors up and down the East Coast. Her aesthetic combines a graceful sense of art and style as well as her extensive travel experience, while her well educated eye balances the perfect juxtaposition of lighting, color, texture and form to create dynamic spaces. Jeanette embraces classic interiors with a modern sensibility by using traditional elements and classical motifs and infusing them with a modern aesthetic resulting in sophisticated, timeless, unique environments. Every project is approached with sensitivity to the architecture of each space utilizing scale and function to create highly effective and welcoming design solutions.

Jeanette’s hands-on approach and attention to the most minute details, paired with her visual adaptation, gives her a distinction that is unmatched in the industry.

Commissions include major corporations, real estate companies, hospitality and residential projects in Manhattan, Westchester, Connecticut, the Hamptons and Florida. Jeanette has transformed spaces throughout New York, New England, and South Florida, including Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Palm Beach, with her interior decorator’s keen eye and sophisticated aesthetic sensibilities. While developing her own impressive list of interior design clients, she collaborates with architectural firms to support their interior efforts.

She continues a long standing involvement as a member in many art and philanthropic organizations and professional organizations, is an Associate ASID Member and has had numerous projects published, as well as her Connecticut home in Connecticut Cottages and Gardens and Home Magazine.

Jeanette is an interior decorator based in the Palm Beach area who is committed to making the home design and installation process easy and enjoyable for all of her clients no matter what the project scope is.

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