Woodfield Country Club


Whether purchasing a new home, remodeling, etc, we are committed to making the Design Process as easy and enjoyable as possible. We're dedicated, experienced, passionate and tireless in the pursuit of your dream result!

"Jeanette and her team were excellent.

Our renovations were amazing.

Originally, I did not see the need to hire Jeanette, foolishly thinking that my wife and I were capable of handling this project and to be honest...I didn't want to spend the money. I was Wrong! Jeanette was able to make so many great suggestions including many value engineering suggestions which actually saved us money. Her designed taste is much better than anything my wife and I could have done on our own. I have not made many good decisions in the past with respect to renovations, but hiring Jeanette was easily the best decision I ever made.”

- Steve

Love Your Home

Let us help you Fall in Love with your Woodfield Country Club Home!

Whether it is a lack of confidence, or difficulty in pulling it together or just too overwhelming a task, HDI has the ability to listen, to translate your information into beautiful designs, and create unique and fabulous environments.

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We have used Hubley Design Interiors for all three of our properties over the last 15 years and they have always exceeded expectations and understood our taste and what we were looking for.

All three properties have different styles between country, beach and modern but they have always provided many great choices for design and fabrics that we absolutely love.

They are perfectionists and the quality of the work is always perfect. They are a pleasure to work with!


It would be my pleasure and honor to work with you -- to be a part of the process by guiding you toward the end result... a stunning home!

- Jeanette -

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