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The Hubley Design Team dreams in color and design! It’s our Passion! When you choose Hubley Design Interiors to remodel and decorate your home in Boca Raton, you will live in a dream come true environment. Your sense of your surroundings will be of true joy, pleasure, and comfort.

You will be hosting Get-Togethers just to share your pleasure & surroundings with others!

“I’m building a new home and I want it perfect”

“My house is dated, I want a more modern look”

“I want an open concept house and I don’t know how to do it”

“I’m moving to Boca Raton and I don’t have time to get my new house ready”

Your Home Matters

Let us help you Fall in Love with your Boca Raton Home!

Whether it is a lack of confidence, or difficulty in pulling it together or just too overwhelming a task, HDI has the ability to listen, to translate your information into beautiful designs, and create unique and fabulous environments.

From the first conversation with HDI, we elicit you to describe in detail what your goals, your desires, your likes and dislikes are for your project…..We get to know the inner you, and where it relates to Interior Design.  We translate that  information into your project. We use our professional knowledge of interior design, our knowledge of Boca Raton, and experience in home remodeling and decoration to take that information into beautiful and original Schemes, Drawings, and Selections for your approval... once you make your choices... it is brought to fruition, and your home is transformed.

interior design boca raton living room space with wood accent wall

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I have worked with HUBLEY DESIGN in both renovating & updating a house in florida. JEANETTE HUBLEY is professional and creative in her approach to our projects. She is extremely attentive to client preferences and never loses sight of the end goal of the look or the budget. I can not emphasize enough her focus on the clients dream result.

-Barry Lerner

When you chose Hubley Design Interiors to design your Boca Raton residence, you’ll get a dedicated, experienced, passionate, and tireless Team to bring your design inspirations to fruition.


Project Management - The GET IT DONE Phase

Manage the tasks in a timely basis to successfully complete the project or task. 


Style Guidance - The RHYTHM IN DESIGN phase

Rhythm can be seen and heard throughout Nature.  In our built environment we achieve the same thing through repetition, alteration, and progression.  This Rhythm in Design is what we, at HDI,  apply to create order, interest and focus and help your eye move through the room.  We create the Room’s personality this way.  


Budget Planning - The REALITY HITS phase

Budget planning is a key element of the project. The Reality Hits phase usually comes after a “wish list” of the clients’ is priced, and is above their comfort zone. It is very important that the client communicate how much they want to invest in their home remodeling and decoration project…..its the perfect starting point in the discussion of the budget. We keep a running total -- from the first selections made, throughout the project, so the client can know where they stand financially.


Space Planning - The THOUGHTFUL USE OF SPACE phase

When designing for our Boca Raton/Florida interior design clients, we always keep in mind when we layout the Use of Space,  we “bring the outside in”....taking advantage of our environment and climate to enhance the beauty of your interiors. The elements of light, texture, scale and luxurious materials are key in the Thoughtful Use of Space Phase.


No Detail Overlooked

“The Details are not the Details...they make the Design” Charles Eames

From the moment we begin to conceptualize your project, HDI takes all the details into consideration -- from proper height of the lighting fixtures, and the perfect cabinet hardware….to the way the window treatments just kiss the floor at a perfect height.  Its the details that catch the eye….the details that Hubley Designs take very serious…..they make the project perfect!


Stress-Free Installation - The BRINGING IT TOGETHER phase

For many months on a project, HDI and our clients work hard during the design process to make the right choices and selections, to put all the parts and pieces of the design of the project into play.  It’s then time to Bring it Together in the installation phase.  Coordinating the contractors, checking deliveries, and handling the on-site mayhem during this phase takes patience and organization.  Our experienced Boca Raton interior designers are prepared with the necessary schedules and information kept on site to answer any questions to keep the project installation going smoothly. It's our job to take on any stress that may arise.


The Finishing Touches

The finishing touches -- Art & Accessories -- contrary to popular belief -- are incorporated into the Design Plan from the beginning. Many of our clients have already collected beautiful pieces throughout their lifetime from many parts of the world!  Some room designs can start with the Art and Accessories….especially Wall Units…..everything beautiful has its place!

jeanette hubley interior designer in boca raton

About Jeanette Hubley

Boca Raton Interior Designer

My passions drive my Designs

-- Art, Travel, Fashion, Color, Nature -- 

I approach every project with sensitivity to the architecture of each space. I utilize scale and function to create highly effective and welcoming solutions.  My team and I are committed to making the Design Process as easy and enjoyable as possible….we love to make our clients happy! No matter what the project scope is, we approach each one with the same energy and exuberance. 

Jeanette’s use of color and design is remarkable. Her high standards of acceptability and work ethic are admirable.

Steve Weiss

Our home is just beautiful and we are very happy!!

Lori Kirsch

I hope to have another project in the future where I can use them again!


It would be my pleasure and honor to work with you -- to be a part of the process by guiding you toward the end result... a stunning home!

- Jeanette -

Are you Ready? Lets Begin!